That about sums up how poodle people feel about their companions - and how poodles think. Ask any poodle you meet!

A poodle is no mere dog!

Enjoy this humorous look at the world as two standard poodle pups experience their first year of life.

This original, handmade and handbound book is illustrated with simple line drawings which capture the expressions and humour of standard poodles in a way only a poodle owner can and all poodle lovers will appreciate. An enjoyable and entertaining book for everyone who shares their life with a poodle and for all dog lovers. It'll make the perfect gift or addition to your own collection.

Books are all individually made and bound in a unique manner with a dog collar and diamontes adorning the front cover. What could be more appropriate? Each copy is signed by the author/illustrator and numbered. To order simply email.

You can order you own copy and pay securely with a credit card, debit card, bank account or Paypal balance using Paypal.

About the author

JD Mansil fell for the lure of poodles in 1992 when a pair of 8 week old puppies stole her heart. Her love of art and animals, and her wicked sense of humour, led her to make cartoons of her daily life with her pets.

Ms Mansil currently lives in Winston, MO. with standard poodles Joe and Ted, orange tabby Walter Katt and parakeet Henry.

A sneak peek into the book...

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