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Care and Feeding Instructions

Caring for your Capricious Poodle is easy. Grooming requirements are minimal. They are happy to sit on a bed all day, or a shelf, or to loiter about the home with the aid of a doll stand.

Capricious Poodles are picky eaters but don't require much effort to keep in the pink of good health. In fact, if you let your poodle doll find its own food when you’re not looking, you’ll be better off. They like to eat on the sly, sneaking out while you sleep and raiding the fridge or pantry, then slipping quietly back to their proper location before you awake. Keep plenty of cookies, chocolate and crackers in the pantry, and fresh milk in the fridge, and your Sock Poodle Doll will be happy and healthy for a long time.

Capricous Poodles do NOT like to take a bath. They’ll fight tooth and nail to stay out of water. They fear it, they hate it and they have good reason. They are not made to be run through a washing machine or spend time tumbling around in a dryer. In general, they are clean creatures, but they do, occasionally, need to be freshened up.

Here’s how:

If your Sock Poodle Doll becomes dusty, you can simply give it a good shaking and the dust will dissipate and settle elsewhere in your home. They enjoy that! If your Sock Poodle Doll’s hair is mussed up, which happens sometimes, simply use your fingertips to gently fluff it back into shape. BE GENTLE! The hair is simply looped and stitched in place and can pull out easily, especially the softer varieties. You can lightly vacuum the clothing.

If the doll gets truly soiled and not just dusty, sprinkle baby powder on the offending area and then use a paint brush to remove the powder and soil under it. The baby powder will also give the doll a lovely fresh scent. Capricious Poodles are not "play-with" sort of dolls - the clothing is not made to be removed and the doll may have small objects that could harm a child. They are collectibles.

All Capricous Poodles come with a certificate of authenticity signed and dated by myself - their very own Pedigree

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